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Since the release of her first EP Flight of the Freedove over a decade ago, Freedove has

re-emerged with The Art of Rising,” a spiritually rooted collection of sonic offerings

the singer/songwriter/producer dubs “life music.” 


With her formidable stage presence and powerful sound she emits both live and

in studio, the 4-octave ranged New Orleans native who sings in 6 languages has

carried home inside of her across worldwide stages, lending her voice to

recordings and performances w/Duran Duran, MC Lyte, Alexy Chumakov,

Joe Bataan, Coati Mundi, Zhane’, Leonid Agutin, et al. 


When the world shut down during 2020’s global pandemic, Freedove found

renewal, solace and strength in nature, meditation & music. This time of

introspection led her on a journey to reexamine & repurpose her life & music.


"As my spiritual practice increased, so did my vision for the music being

birthed thru me at this time. My intention was for the listener to experience the


of nature while having their consciousness raised through the healing frequencies of

music. As I witnessed the world about us being governed by fear, I began to ponder

how we could spiritually navigate the landmines of daily life.”


She began to revisit the rich musical heritage of her hometown, exploring the

various African, Native, Indigenous, and tribal rhythms spanning the

roots music diaspora. She soon discovered her palette had taken on

a more meaningful and broader spectrum. 


With its unique blend of world, 80’s pop, soul and rock genres,

The Art of Rising” is at once familiar, genre-defiant & altogether

unexpected-a love letter from The Most High, reminding us of who we are, of our divinity and power; an affirmation that we are all born worthy and free. 


The world tells us stories

Let love be your song

To believe and stand for what is right

To know, to grow with a single eye

Storms will come and still I, give thanks for it all,” she sings.


Wallzexplores the story of self-forgiveness, a heart breaking free from the walls of pain and regret, learning to let go of holding on to the past. 


From gospel to funk, and soul to rock, Freedove’s style has taken quite the journey to get to where it is today; but the one constant is the message in her music, and "music sets the soul in flight,". 

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