The Silent Church

Who did Jesus seek out? The prostitutes, the thieves, the have nots, the lepers, the lost, the blind, the outcast, those who broke tradition, his ministry was LOVE to those who needed it most. He met the NEEDS of the ppl FIRST before-BEFORE he ministered to the condition of their hearts. God is love. Purely. Unadulterated. Period. He even elevated women. Lifted them up. According to the word, he was not misogynistic or degrading. He extends his love to those who did not believe (faith) as he did. I could go on, but it's really interesting what so called Christians believe is being CHRIST-LIKE. I've touched more lives and souls just by loving ppl than condemning them. Brennan Manning said, "T

Freedove Quotes

When u have inner peace, self love, feel really positive about urself, it's impossible 4u2b controlled & manipulated by any1 else- Freedove Stay true 2 the vision & standard God placed inside of u @ all costs. It is unique 2 your Divine purpose & if u don't uphold it, who will?-Freedove "If Jesus was on twitter, He'd probably say, 'Follow Me.' ''- Freedove Ego is the death of man. 2 no avail, he seeks 2 satisfy it not realizing he already has all he needs. -Freedove Can see the forest for the trees when I'm looking at The Source. -Freedove My heart is open Lord. Have YOUR way.- Freedove God is in us. We are the hands of God. That Red Sea opening, that miracle, that sign fro