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Meeting The Challenge

Excerpt from 'Living The Promise'

It seems that opposing forces (forces that battle against the light) coexist at a frequency equal to or greater than that of the reflected light. This struggle presents the student of life an opportunity to confirm his position among the polarities of the spirit realm. The greater the light, the more intense the spiritual warfare and responsibility can be. As a result of my failings and errs, I've come to understand the reason it's almost impossible for the carnal minded man to master and/or reach his Divine Path in an unenlightened environment. If it is to be

so, the committed focus on the goal must be at the forefront of this individuals thoughts and actions. Realizing there's only one power on his spiritual path, the student must relinquish the surrounding illusions of negativity..... Whenever a soul proclaims or professes to be one thing, incessantly, the opposite will show up, creating spiritual warfare and an opportunity for the individual to manifest that which is his Highest Good. That's why when we are determined on the vertical path, we seem to have the most opposition. It's part of the Divine Dichotomy..... Whether or not we produce our Divine Plan in our lives is totally up to us. The Universe is composed of polarities. If there were no evil, we would not be able to appreciate good. This also abides by the laws which govern our Divine Inheritance-the freedom of choice. The enlightened student over time learns that he has choices and proves his intent by how he responds to adversity. It is during these moments of trial the student of life must be careful and mindful of the fact that we are not our experiences and therefore not fall prey to devices designed to test our integrity. The power of life and death are in the tongue. But it is first conceived in the subconscious and born out of the conscious mind. We must remember that at any moment we can choose life (faith) over death (fear) , accept our lessons, and lift our spirits to higher dimensions. However, there are drawbacks to this path of light. The more vicissitudes you endure,the more fear you surpass, the more trying the lessons are. While building your armor of character, that much greater will be your peace and your spiritual rewards each time you master the art of relinquishing negativity in your life. There are two tools which are essential on this journey. Humility and patience. These tools will guide you to the wisdom and discernment needed to survive the "game" of life. © 2000 Freedove

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