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2012 A World Revolution

These are very interesting times we are living in. With the various earthquakes, floods, fires and ecological events occurring in our world, there are many theories and beliefs held about why these things are happening. The breakdown of the family, restructuring of institutions, and the uprising of people against world powers also contribute to the belief that the world is coming to a chaotic and disastrous end. Christians maintain that current events are a part of end time prophecies. Surely biblical prophecy is lining up with the present. Yet the Bible states we know not the time, the hour or day.

Newagers believe today's social upheaval is a part of the evolution of man's spiritual awakening and the earth's spiritual shift. I believe both are true.

Whatever your belief or viewpoint is, it is likely that you see, feel and are aware of this change. Worldwide, since 2010, the Libyan Civil War, 15-M, Indignant Citizens, Arab Spring movements, and the now ubiquitous Occupy protests each represent an unrest and dissatisfaction with mankind's quality of life and the ever-growing need and quest for freedom.

To look at any of these worldwide movements from an insular perspective is to miss the point. We are all connected and affected in some way whether or not our cause is a financial, religious, geographical or cultural one. The mere fact that we are all fighting for freedom and human rights, fundamentally unites us all. There is a global awareness growing in the hearts of men inciting personal responsibly for their existence. We have unanimously decided that now is the time for authentic power to be shifted back to the individual rather than granted to the masses as charity by the powers that be.

Institutions haven't changed. They are not broken. They were built just as we see them now. It is people's minds that have changed. The eyes of the world are awake and our souls no longer complacent.

The Mayan and Egyptian calendar prophecies purport the year 2012 not to be the final destruction of the world as we know it, but rather an awakening, a shift in the minds and spirits of men. A transformation and renewal of consciousness.

That is evident in religious institutions being called into question and taken to task for their indiscretions against members of their constituency. People are leaving houses of worship in droves and seeking out their own definitions of God and their relationship to him. Transparency is being demanded of governments and institutions, people are governing themselves, observing injustices done by servicemen and leaders and requiring accountability and recompense.

We are no longer following the script but instead carving out our own path. Truthfully, there is no other choice. Once men are conscious, the ways in which we have lived, learned, loved and existed no longer serve us.

As old structures and paradigms break down and cease to exist in our lives it may seem that things are falling apart and a tidal wave of discomfort and unease is effecting each aspect of our existence. But as the shift occurs, some things we would like to hold onto we have to lose in order to reach the next plateau. In the book of Corinthians, Paul wrote, "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I felt as a child, I thought as a child: now that I am become a man, I have put away childish things".

It baffles me how anyone withholding mental acuity can take a child's innocence, harm a parent or abuse a loved one. But I also know that light attracts darkness sometimes and that we live in a world of Divine Dichotomy in which there is a balance, a duality, of polarities. While many are vibrating upon frequencies of love and enlightenment, during this spiritual shift there will be some who are still operating on a lower consciousness. Just pay attention to the news and you will have more than enough of this energy displayed. It may seem that people are getting worse or that humanity is an endangered species in which the hearts of men are dark and hollow. I believe that if a person never had a strong spiritual direction or compass, then as change occurs, as it will with each of us, those of lower consciousness will draw upon what they have in their spiritual reservoir. Accordingly, feelings, thoughts, and acts of fear, greed, violence and anger will consume them. The opposite is true of those who are on a higher path of consciousness. They will draw upon feelings, thoughts and acts of love, compassion, generosity and faith.

These are definitely quite interesting times. Times of change, enlightenment and revolution. The question is, as times are changing, what can, what will you change in order to be the best you can be? Will you serve love or serve fear? How can there be any more freedom songs when we are not free ourselves? How can we help others if we are not willing to revolt against the things, people, mindsets and habits in our lives that oppress us? If a revolution starts with each one of us, let us begin awakening to our greatness and listening to the voice of God inside us.

Change starts a little bit at a time. When we change our consciousness, it has a ripple affect on the world around us. If we believe the Holy Bible, we know that God is looking for one body, one church. Whether we believe the Christian, Mayan, I Ching, Kabbalah, Hindu, or Tibetan prophecies, today we can put away that which doesn't serve us and remind ourselves of the manifold breakthrough 2011 has been. May our personal and collective revolutions continue into 2012 and start with ourselves.

Love and light,



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