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Freedove Quotes

When u have inner peace, self love, feel really positive about urself, it's impossible 4u2b controlled & manipulated by any1 else- Freedove Stay true 2 the vision & standard God placed inside of u @ all costs. It is unique 2 your Divine purpose & if u don't uphold it, who will?-Freedove "If Jesus was on twitter, He'd probably say, 'Follow Me.' ''- Freedove Ego is the death of man. 2 no avail, he seeks 2 satisfy it not realizing he already has all he needs. -Freedove Can see the forest for the trees when I'm looking at The Source. -Freedove My heart is open Lord. Have YOUR way.- Freedove God is in us. We are the hands of God. That Red Sea opening, that miracle, that sign from God that someone has been praying for. -Freedove The more we ask of the Universe the more it asks of us. The more we give & serve the more it facilitates our desires & needs. Serendipity -Freedove Faith and hope have no substance if you haven't done your job to believe and act on God's promises. Renew your mind, fertilize the ground. -Freedove What is God to you? Not who. What?- Freedove "Don't stay focused on the circumstance. Have absolute faith. God is the source."- Freedove When u r pregnant w vision beware of crazymakers. Don't let ppl & distractions rob you of what God is birthing in u. Eagles fly solo often.-Freedove The price is paid Strongholds lifted Dry season ovr The moment u cried prayed hoped & believed 4 is here Its time GO! Walk the clear path -Freedove You are a unique & beautiful creation of the Creator with the ability to create the life u envision. Love to live and live to love. F For God so loved the world that he made love a verb-Freedove 4 those who think that love is lost on u, when u truly love yourself, true love finds u. No need to seek what u are meant 2 vibrate. Be love.-Freedove The more we focus on BEING and vibrating our Highest Self, we attract more of the same. Keep the faith and the perspective on light-Freedove Trusting God above all else is essential but ur trust remains undeveloped w/out effort. David won his battles but he had to fight! Jer 17:5-Freedove EAGLES DONT JUST FLY-THEY MOUNT UP-THEY SOAR!!!Be mindful of the company u keep. Dont fly with buzzards. Rise up beautiful ppl. Blessings.-Freedove Is relaxed, revived, renewed, refocused and certainly doesnt live in the past. Thank you Father. Have a brilliantly blessed day all.-Freedove An idol is anything that takes the place of God in your life. Seek ye first his face and all that u need will be provided. Choose light.-Freedove God is the Alpha & Omega and everything in btwn. Trust & rely on God to give u what u need 1 day @ a time.-Freedove If u r in an unhealthy biz or personal relationship, stop whining & CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY God gave U power & dominion over ALL things! B FREE-Freedove Heavenly Father let your Holy Spirit be a cloak of comfort to those who try to remember & those who try to 4get. Lead our Leaders.-Freedove Every situation provides us an opportunity to choose fear/hate or faith/love, to grow, discover and learn. Life is a beautiful gift from GOD-Freedove El Elyon transforms mountains n2 hills & creates rivers in the desert. He's so good! His love never runs out. Trust him. Isa 43:19, Psa 107-Freedove Choose differently- Freedove Don't conform 2 popular concensus but b transformed by the renewing of ur mind. Then u will learn what God's perfect will is 4 u Rms 12:2- Freedove In choosing light & love instead of fear negativity & lack, we say yes to our Divine Inheritance & greet our Highest Self- RF. Life is too short to go it alone especially since he is with us wherever we go-Freedove Thank you Father. The more I live, I learn, the more I know, & grow, the more I realize I'll never really understand how much you love me.-Freedove Ppl try to remind u of your past or failures, IT IS THE PAST. Evryday is a New Beginning. If the son sets u free, ur free indeed! Jn 8:36-Freedove You clean house easily & find just how deep ppl's "love" & "support" goes when u no longer fit or follow their program or agenda. 1 Cor 4:5 -Freedove Nothing is new under the sun. Revelations come 2 man when operating under the light of the Holy Spirit.1 must clean the heart & mind 2 hear.-Freedove We battle not against flesh and blood but principalities. If u are pregnant with purpose, be sober & vigilant fight the good fight of faith-Freedove The fact that you are here, breathing, alive, is affirmation alone of The Creator's love for you. You are loved. Give thanx -Freedove You're not waiting on God. God is waiting on you. Whatever is put upon your heart to do, do it. -Freedove Don't just focus on the circumstance. Have absolute faith. God is the source.-Freedove is vibrating to light and has no time or tolerance for crazymakers. When you know better, you do better. Different road, lighter load-Freedove Simple words, even cliche, but powerful when applied---HAVE FAITH.-Freedove Regardless of what happened yesterday or last year & what may or may not happen tomorrow, the present moment is where u r ; Proverbs 3:6-Freedove When self love is in full bloom,negative habits,relationships & distractions no longer serve or entice you. Each step is tward ur higher self-Freedove God. Is. Real.-Freedove Thank you God yet another new beginning & the opportunity to fall deeper in love with you, to find you in myself & others & LIVE LIFE! -Freedove Almost forgot that no weapon formed shall prosper.-Freedove U have to know when its time to stop holding on to the dream and just fly -Freedove Thank You God for yet another new beginning. Psalms 100 -Freedove

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