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The Artist

What is an artist? Oft-times when one hears the word artist orated we envision a painter, sculptor, dancer singer and many of the myriad professions within the performing arts. Contrarily we are all, in our own right, (Divine Right, i.e.) artists. Webster defines an artist as one who practices any of the performing arts. It secondarily gives reference to a person who works with the dedication and attributes associated with an artist. The preceding definitions, in my opinion, serve to satisfy the mind of those content with the workings of the physical plane. Many intellectuals and spiritual minded thinkers alike, tend to forget that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. That there is a flow of energy emanating from the creator to our minds and bodies, thereby enabling the manifestations of creativity through our efforts, is lost in the explanatory text of the scholars such as Webster and the like. When God created man in his image and likeness, he ingrained all of the necessary survival, imaginative, creative and inventive components needed for man to experience life at its fullest capacity. When he made that promise of divinity he did not revoke it. It was not contingent upon mans desire to walk in or out of the light. His word, his promise, was his gift no matter the path chosen by man. As a performing /recording artist who always has and still does view music as the fourth dimensional realm, I find it frightening that many in the performing arts do not view their craft as an extension of their Divinity. The healing, inspirational, and mentally enhancing properties of the vibrations of music are so potentially capable of healing our world, its a wonder to me that mainstream music has not taken up the torch of being spearheads in the reformation of humanity. Music has much more power than artist, listeners, scholars and scientists alike will ever truly comprehend. The mathematical, vibratory and scientific connections to sound are enough to baffle even the most astute Einstein. The mysteries of Gods green earth are for good reason, I purport, what they are- mysteries. While our creator has given us free reign and dominion over our individual paths and actions in life, He will also not sit idly by while his co-creators do nothing to effect positive change in the world they have created. There is an order to this dance just as in a tango or waltz; an order to this puzzle, just as in a scientific equation; an order to our lives. There are consequences to our decisions. Not consequences that are put upon us as a punishment. It is more of a conscious beckoning for change. An innate voice, if you will, nudging us to reach for a higher self, our grandest self-image. Divinity. That picture, which is a planted seed within all who walk and breathe, can never be obliterated, no matter the distance traveled by the body and mind, as the soul is always connected to its source. By my definition an artist is one who allows their life to be used by the highest standard, to its greatest potential by being a vessel for the Divine to manifest his greatest therein. We do that by trusting, giving, and surrendering to the experience of love. Being love, doing love, showing love and above all, being of service to our fellow man. Not for alms, as the Bible states, but because it is indicative of our discipleship. Whether a politician, dancer, painter, musician, sculptor, teacher, computer technician, accountant, or housewife, your job as an artist is to act from love. To be love, to give love, to spread love. We have mistaken wealth for integrity and self-importance for pride. Sexual immorality has become synonymous with personality. We are in the days of false prophets and lasciviousness, greed, and hypocrisy. Yes those days spoken about in the Bible that were sure to come and are now upon us. It was prophesied that brother would turn against father and mother against daughter and man would fall prey to idolatries and debauchery. Even looking through carnal eyes it is plain to see what we have become. Whom will you serve? Love or fear? Social acceptance does not equate self-love. Being true to ones highest self is by far more intrinsically valuable and prosperous. Where a mans heart is, there is his treasure. If one lays all his treasures here on earth, what will become of the soul once he has departed? What will you be known as when you are gone? A co-creator writing on the pages of life? A painter painting a picture of graciousness? A dancer dancing to the beat of your heart? A singer rising to the heights of bliss? A sculptor carving the way of peace? A teacher sharing insight and inspiration? A leader paving the road of courage for others to tread? An artist sketching an outline for a more pleasant tomorrow? Or will you be among the unfortunate many who have left the worlds cemeteries rich with potential and unfulfilled promise? So many are living lives of mediocrity because they havent fully realized their potential or exactly what it is they are passionate about. If this is your dilemma, there is a sure fire way for you to recover your destination and that is by going to the manufacturer. The creator of all is able to tell you all there is to know about who you are and what your purpose is for this journey. Again, it takes a willingness to trust and surrender. There cannot however be the presence of one thing without its opposite. We will constantly struggle with what is known as the Divine Dichotomy. At times we will be the giver the receiver, the yin the yang, the good the evil, the darkness the light. It is as if in the process of lifting up the light in us we exhume the dark and must be careful to choose our greatest good. The universe is constantly giving us an opportunity to choose our paths at every step. It is in committing to the path and chewing the bit that we reach nirvana. This can and may be a life long process, however, our lives are more rewarding and fulfilled for it. The canvas of our lives is a blank slate ready to be filled and displayed vividly at your readiness. As Quincy said, "Leave the door open. God will walk in." © 2001 Freedove

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