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Your intentions may be well and good but no matter what side of this game of chess you are on, if you are following script, group-think and status quo, you unfortunately are still being controlled by the powers that be. They have a script for every psychological profile.

The problem with not being an individual who thinks for yourself is, u suppress and bury the wisdom, discernment, unique gifts, thoughts, abilities and foresight The Divine gave specifically to YOU.

It’s time to stop being followers and get to doing the inner work, the spiritual work so many of us have been avoiding so that there won’t be any interference on our antennas and we can actually hear and heed instruction from Source. The way your carbon is wired, is different from the way others are. And no one can give you that calling and assignment but the Creator. Stop letting ppl tell you who you are and what your role is. At the very least THINK for yourself !! If u take the time to check in, spirit WILL guide you. And that truth will set you free. You’ll watch the veils fall off. IF THINE EYE BE SINGLE THE BODY SHALL BE FULL OF LIGHT. Matthew 6:22 is all about pineal gland activation.

Everybody’s talking about they need or want a leader. Only followers need leaders. And trust me, a leader WILL come to squelch the voice and minds of the masses. Just make sure u know what u are following. And if u are awake, by all means, just don’t fall back to sleep.

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