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RunningMeditation: At The Centerline. Even in the midst of life’s greatest storms, we have the capacity to stand in the #center of our own #peace. The peace that surpasses all understanding. Staying centered means keeping your conscious focus on the here and now, remaining poised in the present; Staying centered means allowing your consciousness to align with the Divine Most High rather than with your ego. Staying centered acknowledges that the answers lie in the immediate present #now , not out there in some other place or time. 🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊 At the Center of the Universe, dwells the Great Spirit and that center is really everywhere. It is within each of us. ~Black Elk "At the center of your being u have the answer; u know who u are and u know what u want." ~Lao Tzu Stay in the center, and u will be ready to move in any direction. ~Alan W. Watts #peoplewhorun #7k #newbalance #running #transformyourself #choice #centeredness #whyirun

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