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Paula Deen and the N word

Since everyone is so incensed at Paula Deen's use of the N word, is it now reasonable to expect that some blacks will also stop using the word to refer to and address one another? I suppose just as we write open letters to Paula Deen, we will also begin writing open letters to those of us who still employ the racial slur casually, justifying the context in which they use it?

In protest, some want to stop buying into Deen enterprises yet some of us are just fine with buying into a soft denigration of not just our ancestry but giving a slap in the face to all those that came before us, (blacks AND whites) who fought for our human rights, equality and racial pride, as they excuse away their reason and right to greet and define one another this way. (The Boondocks episode about if MLK, Jr. were alive today comes to mind for some reason.) I'm confused, either the word is a racist slur rooted in hate and negativity or its not.

We get mad at Miley Cyrus for twerking it and wearing a gold grill in her mouth, at Kid Rock for using the N word in the presence of his biracial son, and detest a white Southern woman, a descendant of slave owners for her use of the word and unfair treatment of black employees. BUT somehow when a black person uses the N word in a "different" context, the word's usage is instantly sanctified and sanitized???????? Potatoe/potato...Huh? Run that by me again?? Oh, right. We want others to respect us as a race when we don't expect that of each other??? Not defending Paula Deen but while we watch what the word is costing her in dollars, it's worth asking what it is costing us spiritually as a race of people to continue to use it as a supposed term of endearment. IJS! That's just my 1 1/2 cents... P.S; Speaking of cents if you think for one second these corporations are pulling their endorsements from Deen's enterprise for moral reasons, think again. $$$ #raceinAmerica #hypocrisy


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