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Some Natural Remedies to Help Ease Breathing of Those Suffering with C.1.9. Related Symptoms

Oregano Oil ~When used with steam and inhaled, oregano oil may provide benefits for sinus and chest congestion and related respiratory illnesses. You can add a vial to a glass of water or a couple droplets down the throat. It is very strong but effective.

Vitamin D~ While it is well known that vitamin D plays an important role in maintaining healthy bones and preventing osteoporosis, research study suggests vitamin D may also play an important role in respiratory health through its effects on lung development and structure, respiratory muscle strength, inflammation and immune response to respiratory pathogens.

Humidifiers~ Humidifiers filled with peopermint, spearmint, eucalyptus and/or tea tree oils in a room of someone with labored breathing can help ease nasal and chest congestion.

Sleep Positions Most ppl think the lungs are in the front of the body but the biggest part is actually in the back. If someone gets weak and is laying on their back trying to cough it puts MORE pressure on the lungs. Therefore it is better to lay on your stomach or at least your side but if suffering with breathing, laying on your back is NOT the best position. See the articles below:

Hot Liquids and Herbal Teas While drinking hot liquids will not cure the corona virus it can help soothe the symptoms and help flush your system and keep your body hydrated as it fights the virus.

Ginger and Tumeric~ They both have incredible anti-inflammatory properties and also very high in antioxidants. Further, ginger is full of chemicals that fight off cold and relieves stomach-related problems. Turmeric also has hundreds of active chemicals and is a great pain reliever.

Diet~ So very important. Please remove meats, cheeses, diary, white starches like rice and pasta from your diet immediately. These foods promote the production of mucus in the body. As much as possible, have fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and whole foods. Living foods are medicine and help the body not only function well but heal itself. They also help in regulating the colon which is important because a clean colon means your body can more easily absorb the nutrients in the food you are ingesting.

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