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Sun 73 #Quaranbeing Recitation of Truth

The truth is no longer acquiescing to darkness and resisting any aversion to light.

The truth has grown intolerant of pacification. The truth will no longer be hidden. The truth can no longer be silent. The truth refuses to be lukewarm.

The truth doesn’t desire to be puffed up egoically with conceit or pride. The truth shall never again be seen tap dancing obsequiously in front of a hat begging for wooden nickels or shillings. The unadulterated truth can no longer be flipped or twisted upside down, backwards or sideways. The truth doesn’t depend on anointed prayer cloths or holy water transported in 747s to reach God.

The truth isn’t muttered in half portions or served up as piecemeal versions of sacred text. The truth won’t ever change its nature or essence; not even to satisfy the conscience or comfortability of evildoers. The truth stands upright and never wavers. The truth is irrespective of and not contingent upon witnesses or acknowledgement. It still is, truth.

The truth IS.

The truth doesn’t require power. The truth is power.

The truth is light.

The truth is life

The truth is love.

The truth always was, always is and always will be- truth. It is only now that some have found it. ~Freedove


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