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The Answer Is You

Many cry change

But their voices are weak

Who cares if you're chosen

If the call you won't heed

Can't win the war

With soldiers asleep

It won't be a wizard

Or some indifferent

God Don't need no guru

To guide you to your heart

Looking to find

What you feel is lost

But the answer's in you

You can paint a lie up

Dress it in gold

But you know the truth is life Even when it's not told

Ignore that writing on the wall

Still the answer is you

So go on eat it up

Water down the lies

That can't feed your soul

Still won't be enough

To dim the light

Of the stories you left untold

Funny how the mysteries unfold

When you start telling your truth

You see it with your own eyes

But your mouth won't admit the same

Those politicians

Aren't the only ones to blame

You're pointing in their direction

While the answer is you

Confession's such an easy thing

That pride makes hard to do

Freedom is yours to take

But you can only unlock it with the truth

So what are you gonna do? The answer is you's you

Won't you set your supernatchul soul free

The answer is you

Step into a new world realizing

The answer is you No more waiting, don't you feel it's time to...

The answer is you The answer is you


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