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Who did Jesus seek out? The prostitutes, the thieves, the have nots, the lepers, the lost, the blind, the outcast, those who broke tradition, his ministry was LOVE to those who needed it most. He met the NEEDS of the ppl FIRST before-BEFORE he ministered to the condition of their hearts. God is love. Purely. Unadulterated. Period. He even elevated women. Lifted them up.

According to the word, he was not misogynistic or degrading. He extends his love to those who did not believe (faith) as he did. I could go on, but it's really interesting what so called Christians believe is being CHRIST-LIKE. I've touched more lives and souls just by loving ppl than condemning them. Brennan Manning said, "The greatest single cause of atheism in the world is CHRISTIANS who profess Christ but deny him with their lifestyle. And that, is what an unbelieving world finds so unbelievable."

Last night I was having what I thought was an excellent conversation with my driver on the way home who is a born again believer. We talked about biblical prophecy, the ushering in of what some would feel is "The Christ," etc. and then, he passed over every single thing ______ has said, done and continues to do and just as he removed my gig bags from his trunk and placed them on my door step said, "All that aside, I know he will do a good job, God put him there. Pat Robertson endorses him." Shellshocked!


Granted, God uses EVERY SINGLE THING according to his plan, but, that man, is not an agent of Christ. 1 Timothy 4:1 comes to mind. I'm not surprised this has happened because it is prophesied these things would be. I am, however, dismayed by the position of the church. My Pastor A.R. Bernard reminds us constantly that "The president doesn't give us our identity. We are still SALT & LIGHT of the earth. As salt, we challenge the status quo on issues of moral justice and mercy. Salt/the church is here to preserve the spiritual and moral integrity of society in the face of a natural process of decay."

2016 was definitely the year of identity. So many things were being redefined. But the church also lost its identity a long time ago. We're more religious than CHRISTIANS. Perhaps Christians should truly reexamine and redefine what that means in this era, as it seems the meaning is subjective and up for grabs. But what I KNOW from experience is there can be no ministering, no conviction and no transformation without LOVE. In fact, it's not our job to transform, it is the Holy Spirits'. Our job is to love and the Holy Spirit in us is the agent the affects change. The church is losing the battle, asleep on the job because well, you know. None of us are perfect including elected officials. However, it goes without saying that a certain moral decorum, standard of character and basic human decency is not only expected but REQUIRED for a position as the leader of the free world.

We all have to answer for the choices we make. We may be able to hide behind our votes, much like throwing a stone and hiding our hands, and even though most "believers" are asleep just as the Bible said they would be at this time, God is very much alive. We keep thinking there will be another time, ( ) but that time , is now upon us. Church, look at your heart and what it represents. Woe to those who supposedly KNOW the way, the truth and, still...

Just because I believe in the word doesn't mean that my MUSLIM and JEWISH relatives should be killed or persecuted because their religions were hijacked by extremists either. Because they do more outreach and community service than most "Christians" I know, WITHOUT a spotlight, platform or special church offering. They simply SERVE, as Christ did. Day in and day out.

I mean, you don't have to suffer those you feel are beneath you or even serve below your ideal conditions and/or reach. But if you are going to serve in public office or serve in the church that is the expectation and standard. Our national creed is "In God We Trust."

I'm repulsed by the separatist, racist, religious prejudice & doubling down of ignorance and division so called members of the body are wearing like a proud badge of honor and breastplate of righteousness. Faith, hope, love...but without LOVE you can do NOTHING for God. He's coming back for ONE church and some who feel they may have a place on his Kingdom will be surprised. Because he doesn't know you. The first shall be last and the last first. If it's not love it's not God. If you don't have the heart to love the "least" of these you are just as bad as ISIL hijacking Islam. You are in effect, hijacking a faith, a way of life which is grounded in love, to serve your convenient agenda.

It's not about you. It's about God. Your instruction is simple. LOVE. Not hate. When we die, it won't matter what side of a wall we are on...only if we are on the side of love.

God will use this defining moment in society for his glory according to his plan, but also as an opportunity for us to decide who we are, what we stand for.

Not so long ago, Hitler also managed to use ppl's fears, differences, religious beliefs as a means to exterminate, (harsh word but actual) millions of ppl. And just like today, there were those, even those of strong religious faith who rallied behind him. The church, or rather, the discerning church should know better.

How can you claim an identity you don't practice? Your beliefs should be put in practice. It is our knowledge and PRACTICE of scripture that distinguishes us, not our profession of it. I see you "Christians." In implicit and agreeable silence and support of evil. THIS, is your defining moment. Guess what? Adolph Hitler was a "Christian" too! The inscription on his belt read, "God with us." He wore that belt daily as he ordered the extermination of millions of Jews. What is the role the church is playing at this moment in history? History will remember how we responded. Will you be on the side of FAITH HOPE AND LOVE fighting against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places or silently grinning in consent of and agreement with and evil? Your silence speaks.


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